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I offer integrated techniques customized specifically for each client’s needs. I integrate my bodywork techniques with moist heat therapy. Moist heat penetrates muscle tissue and promotes blood flow, which allows for a less painful massage that also reduces much of the post-massage soreness or a deeper more effective massage that has longer lasting effects.

swedish_massage Deep tissue massage includes trigger point therapy, cross fiber friction, pin and stretch, and myofascial release techniques that are common place in a therapeutic massage session.
Neuromuscular Sports Massage and Neuro-Muscular Techniques are perfect for rehabilitation from injuries as well as chronic pain. These techniques work with the nervous system to reset the body’s functional holding pattern and return to a neutral posture. These techniques can be intense but are very effective at altering holding patterns that have developed over many years in just a few sessions, making it ideal for athletes as well as complementing physical therapy / injury recovery.
Hydrocollator-Moist-Hotpacs Moist heat therapy allows for increased blood flow to injured or chronically tight areas of the body, bringing in necessary nutrients and eliminating waste material and damaged tissues. The application of moist heat open up and relax muscle fibers easier and faster allowing me to access and affect deeper layers of muscle tissue with less soreness.



Sessions are by appointment only. Paid session times represent time spent on the table. Intake and preparation are off the clock. To ensure that your appointment starts and ends on time, please arrive early.

My private office is located at 1821 Devonshire Rd, in Arden Oaks (off-street parking in the driveway):

60 minute session: $90
90 minute session: $120
2 hour session: $150

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Call (802) 249-0186
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