I’ve lived my whole life with massage as my primary form of health care, ever since I was a baby… and not the kind of massage where you go to an expensive spa and spoil yourself.  Ever since I was a child, my dad has massaged the pain out of me.  Any injury I had playing sports, or chronic pain I felt, my dad was able to get rid of it.

Most of the time, it hurt like mad, but when he was done my pain or restricted movement was gone. 

The only words I can use describe it was, “it hurts so good!”

Most of the time, our bodies can heal themselves, therapeutic massage just allows them to heal faster and more completely.

The only times I have ever gone to the doctor or hospital were for routine physical examinations, when I fractured my wrist, and when I had an open bleeding wound.

I have dislocated my shoulder over 35 times while playing sports and I have learned how to reset my own joint.  Now it takes me only three days to get back to using my shoulder normally without pain, and only a week to regain the 95% normal range of motion.

Massage for me is a way of living.