The following are unedited quotes from clients. I have previously worked at the elite Psoas Massage + Bodywork SF sports clinic, as well as the relaxing Dosha Salon & Day Spa in VT.


04.18.2016 ~ I had a GRRRREAT massage from you at Party Pardee.  Thank you!

~M E, Orangevale, CA

02.02.2016 – Dear David, Thank you for the marvelous massage! I am still a bit tender, but as the song says, “It hurts so good!” Much relief!
You definitely have the magic touch and the application of heat was so helpful. I will be a regular customer.
~D I, Sacramento, CA

09.30.2015 – David gave the best massage I have ever had. I had the two hour one since I am under a tremendous amount of stress and had knots all over my neck and back. He used deep pressure and warm towels, it was incredible. I came home very relaxed.

~C W, Sacramento, CA



7.16.2015 – I have been having neck and back issues for months now due to work and stress, and have been searching for any alternative to a chiropractor. While looking on groupon for a massage deal I stumbled upon a 90 minute at The Body Cafe. Thinking it would be like every other cheap massage spot, I went to at least try and get some relief from my nagging discomfort. Boy was I in for a surprise!

I had my appointment with David Onne…I never realized to what extent massage therapy can begin to relieve, adjust and begin to heal the body and injuries. With a history in sports therapy and family history of massage therapy, David has been working away my issues for a couple of months now and I can honestly say that he has given me some of the, if not THE BEST massages I’ve had in my life. Each visit he addresses and works away years of built up knots, stress and damage to my neck and back. No need to think about it, if you have any needs, ask for David! He is the best!!

~C.H, Sacramento, CA


06.25.2015 – After my Motor Cycle accident, searching for an extremely talented Massage Therapist! That is DAVID ONNE! he is aware of how the body should function and not ignore what is it incorrectly doing now. I am on my way to recovery!

~A S, Sacramento, CA


05.28.2015 – Over the years, I’ve visited many many massage therapists. Although I’ve had numerous good (and bad) experiences, I never settled on one therapist. Happily that has changed.

David gives a nice smooth massage and transitions easily from one part of the body to the next. I prefer an intense massage but not a sports massage. Although the massage is intense, I don’t feel beaten up afterwards.

Something I hadn’t experienced were the body heating pads. They were a plus and very comforting.

I’ve been to him twice and always walk out feeling refreshed. I will continue to see him on a monthly basis.

03.18.2015 – I had an incredible 90 minute deep tissue massage from my therapist, David Onne. He was so skilled! David was able to get rid of all the terrible tightness in my body, without causing any type of soreness. I was in pain when I arrived, and totally relaxed when I left.

~B W, Sacramento, CA

02.25.2015 – I Groupon to find the best- and I rarely find 90 minutes for a good price. I’ll try this one… and see what happens

The real deal!! Quiet and confident. He will work you into a noodle! I have had a few massages therapist but not like this. I had a 90 Minute and I completely zoned out. He just knew where focus and was great about making sure he wasn’t going too firm.

I met with David… he is quiet, calm, and just a nice guy.  He was there when I walked in and didn’t have to wait and he started on time.  His pre massage consult was fast and he did read the paperwork and that did not come out of massage time.

The place was clean and fresh.  Location is close to 50 for easy on and off!

The experience… ooooohhhh ahhhhh AMAZING!  This guy rubbed and pushed just right.

Something new for me was that h used heating pads on an off the various parts he wasn’t working on.  His technique was… well just WOW.    I didn’t have to say a word during it.  He checked in with me a few times but he really looked but he felt my responses and reactions to push as deep as I could tolerate and not hurt… He just knew.

I am still not sure what happened there and could not believe I was there for 90 minutes but zoned out and would have to say it was the BEST I have had.   That was my first time losing concept of time during a pampering session.

I can’t wait to have more.  Don’t waste your time on looking for others places.  I haven’t tried other CMT here… I am quite happy with who I have.

By far the best I have had and can’t wait to return. If you are on the edge….go for it! You won’t be disappointed!

Recommendation without hesitation.

07.06.2014 – David Onne is quite the professional; his office is attached to the house. Being new to the Thumbtack experience, I thought I’d feel more comfortable (being a woman) requesting a woman as a therapist.

David was one of the respondents, though, and while acknowledging my stated preference, requested consideration. I looked at his website and saw the background, training and philosophy that told me: this is the type of massage I’m looking for. It was an excellent experience. He targeted the problem muscle groups, and employed manipulations to reach underlying adhesions.

He uses moist heat packs to great effect and, covered under a large, thick towel, my modesty was never compromised. Before I left, he demonstrated some stretches I can use to avoid recurring issues.

Yes, I was sore the next day — exactly because he had been working on the muscles that required attention. Male or female, if you are in need of a serious, professional massage, try David Onne and write your own critique!

~R F, Sacramento, CA


3.26.2014 – I got a massage today. I must say… having a new point of comparison, your massages are pretty damn amazing. You need to charge more. You’re awesome.”

~A A, Oakland

09.16.2013Hi David, I had a massage from you once a few years back and have not had another that matched your quality and caliber since. I had just found out you’ve left Psoas but I’m hoping you’ve not moved too far. Please let me know where you’ve landed.


~A L, San Francisco

04.19.2013 – David is a highly skilled massage therapist who listens to your concerns with an open mind while gathering information to get the big picture. If you ask him to focus on a specific area, he will. Lesser therapists fall back on a generic one size fits all method. Instead, David customizes his work to exactly what you want and need.

When he is doing deep tissue work, he can calibrate the pressure to be just right, never crossing the line into anxiety producing pain levels. He has a wide range of techniques to draw upon and has a soothing, pleasant personality that puts you at ease. I am consistently impressed by the quality of his massage as well as by his profound knowledge of how movement and position affect the human body. He is one of the best massage therapists out there.

~M P, San Francisco, CA

01.01.13 – I was highly impressed with David and his knowledge of anatomy and the muscular system.  His combination of deep tissue, trigger point and heat therapy was oftentimes painful where he found areas of adhesion, inflammation and tightness, but this is the only type of massage that can help release these areas of tension on a more permanent basis.

~S C, San Jose, CA


08.25.12 – As for why I keep returning- because there are very few spas in the area. I loved David who worked there and the massages with him were worth every penny.

~M H, Barre, VT


10.29.12 – If you want just a great full body massage, I recommend David. You will want to sign up for 90 minutes at least to savor the peace that comes over you. I have had hundreds (yes, hundreds) of massages in my lifetime, and these practitioners all fall in my top ten! This is a place of serious help for body work of all types, it is not a spa. Expect to do your part to do the work required to heal over time and you will have a fantastic experience

~M B, San Francisco, CA


05.16.12 – I have been going there for 3 sessions with David. I have to say that it’s totally worth it. If you have injuries due to working out/running, you should totally go there. David is just great! He listens to me, he is patient and answers all the questions I have (I have a lot!).

Depending on how tense I am and how my leg is doing, it can hurt a lot sometimes but it’s totally worth it. After a while, I feel so relaxed that I could almost fall asleep.

~P P, San Francisco, CA


03.03.12 – Umm, the best massage I’ve ever had in SF.  50 min sports massage with David.  Great technique, more than adequate pressure.  His use of hot towels helped him work magic on my messed up lower back.

~J C, San Francisco, CA


08.29.11 – David gave me the best massage I’ve had in recent memory.  Get this: he asked me my trouble spots, then actually listened, working predominantly and creatively on those specific areas (not at all a one-protocol fits all type of massage).

The crowning jewel however, was that he was able to bring me true, melty relief within just one 60 minute session.  He uses trigger point, skilled and careful deep tissue, crazy (but powerful) stretches that remind me of when I stretch my cat up over my head in all kinds of silly positions, as well as a hot pad (as a genuine tool, not just a thing to relax you).

~R F, Daly City, CA


08.23.11 – I didn’t truly understand the meaning (or purpose) of a deep tissue massage until I had a recent massage session with David. It was by far the best massage I’ve ever had! I did feel pain during the session, but my joints felt so relaxed and much less compressed afterward. I mentioned these chronic headaches I’ve been having and after he pushed on a few pressure points in the back of my head and upper neck, I’ve been headache free for a few days!

~K G, Sacramento, CA


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  1. David gave the best massage I have ever had. I had the two hour one since I am under a tremendous amount of stress and had knots all over my neck and back. He used deep pressure and warm towels, it was incredible. I came home very relaxed.

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